More Than Meets the Eye But there’s more to the Iconic brands than marketing magic and packaging pizzazz. “The bottle alone may draw consumers in for the first time,” says Brandi, “but it’s the spirit inside that keeps them coming back for more.” While Apocalypto Tequila got some marketing mileage during 2012’s Mayan Apocalypse madness, the liquid in the bottle’s more than just a trendy gimmick. “This is a brand that is connected to the history of Mexico and honors the tradition of tequila,” explains Brandi. While the Mayan man-meets-beast bottle conjures images of ancient cultures, the production techniques are as classic as they come. “We wanted to make sure that this was a handcrafted tequila that helps grow the tequila category,” says Brandi. “And we’re winning people over one sip at a time.” About Iconic Brands, Inc. A trailblazing import and marketing company innovating boutique and emerging spirits. Mixing quality and value with culture and uniqueness, Iconic’s foundation rests on its team’s interlocking strengths: tight collaboration, fresh ideas, branding expertise, industry experience, and seasoned management. Iconic’s strategy is to establish strong visual branding — edgy, but culturally very traditional. Always enticing product presentation, while holding steadfast to a standard of product quality, which exceeds price. Its value is founded in a business posture that embraces innovation, dedication and integrity at both business and personal levels. This mind-set is represented by an uplifting approach that is reflected in the product branding and resonates from the Founder’s level through distribution networks and on to consumers.
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